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Welcome to Shaw Veterinary Clinic. Thank you for choosing our hospital for your pet's health care needs. Our primary goal is to provide high quality medical care for your pets. If you would like a tour of our clinic and meet some of our staff, please give us a call and we will be happy to accommodate you (870) 856-3243.  We offer a full line of pet foods, lodging for your pet, surgical services, dental procedures with cleaning and polishing, and much more. We hope you enjoy looking over the photos on our website and can offer feedback to us about our services.

Pet Foods

We recommend Hill's Prescription & Science Diet pet foods. If your pet needs a specific Hill's Prescription food that we do not have in stock, we can order the item by Tuesday and have your pet's food on Thursday.  We also can offer nutritional consultations. 


 Examination Rooms

 The examination rooms of Shaw Veterinary Clinic are constructed with your comfort in mind. If you need assistance bringing your pet into the office, just give us a call to tell us you are on your way and will require some help.  We can meet you outside to assist you and your pet. Adequate client education is of utmost importance and we routinely offer pamphlets explaining various diseases along with information about preventative medications.

Laboratory Testing

We offer laboratory testing with the most up-to-date blood analyzing equipment for your pet. We can obtain a CBC which gives us your pet's Red Blood Cell and White Blood Cell count along with a Metabolic Profile to assess your pet's liver, kidney, and thyroid function within a few hours. With our in-house laboratory, we can get results on your pet's blood testing quickly.



We offer dental procedures on an appointment basis. If your pet has a foul odor coming from the mouth, then your pet may be in need of some dental work. The fees for dentistry depend on several factors such as your pet's age and whether or not extractions are necessary.  If your pet is older, then the doctors may want to perform pre-operative blood testing to verify body functions are still good.  If you feel your pet may benefit from a dental procedure, please call us at (870) 856-3243 to set up a dental exam.  The doctors can examine your pet's mouth and give you a better idea of costs, possible extractions, and the need for blood work.


Our pet lodging area has central heat & air conditioning. We typically have plenty of room but do have limited space for larger dogs and recommend making reservations especially during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. We do require that your pet has received vaccinations from a licensed veterinarian within the last year in order to lodge with us.  If you would like to tour our kennels, please call (870) 856-3243. 

Reception Area

Lesley Woodard or JoDawn Carlton will be present at the front desk to greet you upon arrival or answer the phone to help you with your needs. Lesley and JoDawn assist with your appointments, answer questions regarding your pet's health care, and keep our office organized running efficiently. JoDawn and Lesley also help the doctors in treating your pets while they are hospitalized, receiving medical care, and undergoing surgery. Please call (870) 856-3243 if you have questions or want to schedule a tour.

Ridley laser

We offer a wide variety of surgical options ranging from spaying, neutering, and dental procedures to some orthopedic surgeries and therapeutic laser treatment. Our staff members assist the doctors with surgeries, monitor your pet's vital signs while undergoing anesthesia, and help the doctors with procedures such as administration of laser therapy. The picture shows Jacey and Andrew assisting Dr. Roger as he treats Ridley's aural hematoma with the therapeutic laser. Photons from the therapeutic laser interact with the target cells to stimulate tissue healing and reduce inflammation.

Digital Radiography Digital rad

We offer digital radiography that allows us to take radiographs quickly and  more efficiently. We are also able to give clients copies of their pet's radiographs. The picture shows Jacey assisting Dr. Roger as he takes radiographs of a dog's back. If needed, we can also email copies of your pet's radiographs to a veterinary specialist for a second opinion or referral.

Drs. Roger & Donna Shaw met while attending veterinary school at Louisiana State University. In June of 1983, they opened Shaw Veterinary Clinic. Their oldest daughter Heather and her husband Adam live in Trumann where they share their home with two dogs named Louie & Luna, a cat named Sly, and their daughter Everleigh. Heather is a high school History teacher working at Marked Tree. Their middle daughter Jennifer, an accountant, resides in Maumelle and is the senior accountant at Westrock Coffee. Jennifer shares her home with her Black Labrador named Ridley. Their youngest daughter Stephanie and her husband Jake live in Guam where he is serving in the United States Navy. Stephanie received her Master of Science in Marine Science from Hawaii Pacific University May of 2017. She spent the summer of 2017 in Wales working as a research intern for the Sea Watch Foundation and the summer of 2018 as a research intern for the Whale Lab of the University of Victoria in British Columbia.


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